Our Advantage

The most valuable advantage we offer our clients is perspective.

The dictionary defines perspective as “the proper or accurate point of view, or the ability to see it; objectivity,” a fitting description of what we have the opportunity to deliver to clients—and what has defined J.R. Burke’s practice since he started in this business in 1976. Perspective remains our key differentiator and is a core competency that our firm’s name reflects.

Our Values and Objective

We take pride in exceeding expectations; the perspective we offer is aimed to enhance a client’s future and deliver results that last for generations. Our core values are essential to our success, at Perspective Financial Group we:

  • Aspire to be considered very good at what we do.

  • Apply creativity, perspective, and objectivity to the financial goals of every client.

  • Work effectively with a client’s team of advisors.

  • Intelligently design, add value, and bring service to financial products manufactured by third parties.

  • Aim to have little—or no—space between what we say and what we do.

These core values create the foundation for our objective. Ultimately, our objective is simple: to be enjoyable to do business with, and to deliver superb client experiences.

Our Approach

Ensuring long-term management of the solutions we deliver is critical to the success of every client. The services and solutions we deliver are designed to satisfy a client’s short-term and long-term goals and needs, and once implemented, we continue to monitor the progress of each client policy or plan. Everything we do and every decision made is done by first asking ourselves the following question:

What is the best thing for this client, and how does it meet their goals and needs?

Within our firm, we realize that succession planning is not only important for our business owner clients, but for our own growth and sustainability. We have been designing, implementing and monitoring financial solutions since 1976, and—by creating an entrepreneurial environment within our firm and strategically aligning our core values with the goals and needs of our clients—we look forward to serving our clients for years, and generations, to come.