A life insurance review is an objective evaluation of current life insurance coverage designed to determine whether policy performance is in line with the insured’s goals and expectations, and to see how the policy compares to newer products on the market. Many life insurance policies do not perform as they were originally intended and may be falling well behind expectations. A policy review performed by Perspective Financial Group may typically result in a combination of reduced premiums, increased death benefits, and enhanced tax-free retirement income solutions. If insurance policies are more than a few years old it is likely we can possibly improve the performance of the existing policy.

M Financial Advantage:

For more than 35 years, M Financial Group’s representation in the affluent marketplace has proven to insurance carriers that their clients are healthier and have a superior mortality experience than the general public. This results in proprietary life insurance products exclusively for the clients of M Member Firms. Which can generally provide better long term results for a client.

Potential Benefits Of Life Insurance Policy Reviews:

  • Increased death benefit levels with existing premiums
  • Reduced premium levels without decreasing death benefits
  • Enhanced cash value strategies
  • Optimal tax-free retirement income solutions

A Perspective Financial Group Life Insurance Review Will Provide You With:

  • A review of in-force life insurance relative to current needs
  • An analysis of current policy funding
  • An analysis of your policy’s performance compared to illustrations at the time of the sale
  • An investigation seeking improvements in your medical underwriting classification
  • Review projected guaranteed and non-guaranteed policy values
  • Evaluate policy conversion options (if applicable)
  • Death benefit stress testing
  • Review new products or riders that may enhance your coverage
  • An assessment of the current ratings of each insurance company owned – A comparative analysis of your policy and policies currently available in the marketplace